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Watch the eagles roar, trek the Sligo Way, explore the Ox Mountains, try canoeing, kayaking or SUP, horse riding, take time out for a visit to our ancient megalithic sites or sample some Irish culture with a host of music, dance, folklore, drama and festivals.

Or relax with a locally made craft beer, award winning local cuisine or pick up a gift in our local shops. But most of all meet the people and enjoy the relaxing surroundings of South Sligo.

South Sligo is a region in the west of Ireland, with the second largest Town in County Sligo based in this region  Tubbercurry (Tobercurry). Tubbercurry meaning the Well of the Rock boasts many traditions and continues these traditions with festivals and events held every year. Tubbercurry has a strong heritage of Drama and Music with the South Sligo Summer School held every year in the month of July. The Drama Festivals held twice a year, in one of the Towns famous landmark’s St, Bridget’s Hall, opposite the ever popular meeting spot, “the Town Clock”. The Old Fair Day held on an annual basis in August every year brings together the past and present traditions of the area, these events attract many visitors to the area, and are events not to be missed. There is a strong emphasis on Culture in the area, Tubbercurry is located just beneath the Ox Mountains, which boasts some of the world’s most beautiful scenery with Sporting events taking place in the area that includes: the annual Walking festival, St. Patrick’s Day 10 k Road Race. Not to mention the many sports available to play in the area, with Gaelic Football and Hurling a strong tradition,this only builds on  the community spirit which is evident in the area. Should you fancy a round of golf, a game of soccer or head out to Lough Talt for some Water Sports. Tubbercurry really does have it all. The area is the Home of Tool Making in Ireland and today the vibrant business community, work together to ensure Tubbercurry is the ever popular trading town, situated on the N17, Tubbercurry is easily accessible by road and air with Knock Airport only a short distance away.

Tubbercurry Pride of Place Finalist: 2016, 2017 & 2018

Tubbercurry has won the Sligo section of Pride of Place Awards, we were selected by Sligo County Council for our continuous efforts in fighting back and bringing our wonderful town back to its former glory and striving to bring the town to be a great place both to live, work and visit. Tubbercurry Chamber of Commerce are the lead group on the project and with our winnings we were able to fund a short 90 second promotional video of Tubbercurry, which can be used to promote the town. We received runner-up in National Awards of Pride of Place. Please share the video and also feel free to embed on your website.

Bank of Ireland Tubbercurry & South Sligo Enterprise Town

Bank of Ireland hosted #Tubbercurry #SouthSligo Enterprise Town in 2017. It was a fantastic success with 50 exhibitors .

Enterprise Town is a community event which will gives businesses, clubs and societies in Tubbercurry and the surrounding areas an opportunity to showcase (for free) all they have to offer and what makes this area such a great location to do business, socialise and live in. This was a free event and was open to the entire community. Event was organised by Sheila Lenehan & Joann Hosey of Bank of Ireland Tubbercurry.

Tubbercurry were awarded the 1st Runner Up Prize in Population 0 – 3000 and a prize of €2000 in 2017.


Digital Ambassador Team for South Sligo

Is a group of volunteers, who post on social media accounts (Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram) and promote the hashtag #SouthSligo.

Please use the #SouthSligo on all your posts/tweets for community and business events and join the conversation. If you are interested in joining the team and becoming an ambassador for South Sligo, please contact us.

The Sound of Music (PHOENIX PLAYERS)

Dear Sir;

A wonderful thing happened in my little town last week. The Phoenix Players drama group in Tubbercurry, undertook presentation of probably the greatest musical ever written; “the Sound of Music”. This was a totally home grown product; the cast, all 90 of them, from stars to cameo, are local; relatives, friends, neighbours ranging in age from 6 to 86; people known, loved and cherished within the community which is immensely proud of the achievement. There were at least 50 other individuals involved; backstage, front of house and undertaking the innumerable tasks needed to present such an enormous show. And the wonderful thing, the incredible thing, the thing that will not be forgotten as long as the youngest participants survive, is that the show presented for 7 nights to absolutely packed houses, was an enormous success. The sets, although miniscule in comparison, the costumes, the lighting, the effects and especially the singing and acting were not what the cynical might expected from a small rural town. They were akin to and in many instances surpassed what might be seen on professional stages in Dublin, London or even Broadway itself. This may appear preposterous exaggeration, but for the people of Tubbercurry, it is one of the great and most uplifting truths of 2019.

Tubbercurry, once a hive of Industry where seeds of technology and smart economics first sprouted in Ireland, has suffered substantially in recent years with loss of almost 200 jobs. The apparently forgotten town is located on a section of the N17 roadway, which, apart from surface renewal, signage and some realignment, has not been upgraded in living memory. Yet this glorified “cart-track”, for that is what it was constructed as, is regarded as a national highway with a 100 kilometres speed limit although its width in many places is criminally inadequate for vehicular traffic never mind ability to accommodate cycling or walking. It was reported some time ago that EU funds to upgrade this section of substandard road were allow be diverted to other projects by the present leadership of our country. To add to feeling of abandonment, the people of Tubbercurry and district can no longer drink water from their taps and must look to an indefinite future of purchasing bottled water, on which incidentally, they pay 23% Value Added Tax. And nobody in governance and officialdom appears to give a damn.

This forsaken town however, has the ability, the talent, the community spirit to produce one of the finest amateur shows ever seen on an Irish Stage. It indicates what small towns faced with grave insecurity and creeping decay can do when a sense of community, cooperation and preparedness to use their finest talents in the interests of the common good, comes to the fore. In this age of rampant individualism, which appears in danger of corroding the very core of community, it is gratifying to find an event which bucks the trend and solidifies cohesion and self-belief in the knowledge that given viable scripts, they can provide leadership, activists and the will to achieve anything. Such spirit in this age of phenomenal change, is what will save rural Ireland and vulnerable communities all over the world. As yet however, nobody appears to have written a viable script, which is where government should urgently concentrate its energies.

In the meantime to all who participated and attended, I say well done; you have excelled in your efforts and left a joyous sound of music ringing through the hearts of Tubbercurry. You will long be remembered with great affection and pride. You provide a resounding encouragement to many small communities unsure of themselves, that the apparently unachievable can be achieved and that dreams of security, prosperity and a better life can be realized by those who work together and selflessly express their substantial talents in the common good.

I am immensely proud of my place and the people in it. Congratulations to all concerned.

Padraic Neary.

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