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Hello Everybody!


Yet again, it’s time to marvel at how quickly time is flying by! The whole country eagerly awaits the start of the Leaving Cert next week, as we all know that the fine weather usually arrives when the exams start! and we’re nearly half way through the year already.This month’s newsletter is attached, and as usual, feel free to get in touch with any comments or thoughts etc.

I will leave you with the delightful poem ‘June’ by David Wood

June burst forth with sunshine blest, Buds awakening on the stem of trees

Life awakens like a treasure chest, And butterflies flutter in the breeze. 

Cygnets follow in line astern their mother, And other ducks swim along with pride

Ducklings bobbing in the water, one behind the other, In shimmering lakes and rivers country-wide. 

Weeping willows gracefully kiss the water’s edge, Their leaves blowing gently in the wind

Gaggling geese chatting as they sit on the ledge, And the old man sitting on a bench just grinned. 

Dog walkers with their pets strolling on the grass, Mum’s with babe’s in pushchairs following on behind,

Joggers running round and round trying hard to pass. All enjoying the June sunshine away from the daily grind.

Best wishes,


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