Tubbercurry-Viarmes Town Twinning

Tubbercurry – Viarmes 2020 20th Anniversary of Twining

A group of students will visit again in April 2020 & we look forward to welcoming them to Tubbercurry.

A group from Viarmes will travel to Tubbercurry in October 2020 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary in Tubbercurry.

Tubbercurry Viarmes 20th Anniversary Trip May 2019

This year we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Twinning between Viarmes – Tubbercurry. A large group from Tubbercurry area travelled to Viarmes on May 9th to May 13th.  A wonderful time was had by all the Group & Tubbercurry is looking forward to welcoming a Group from Viarmes in September/October next.

A group of students will visit again this year in April & we look forward to welcoming them to Tubbercurry.

Tubbercurry Twinning News 2018 a group of students returned in April after visiting from Viarmes & staying with Host families in Tubbercurry area.  The students & their teachers were very happy with the trip & the great effort the Host families & committee put into compiling a very enjoyable & educational trip.  Thanks to you all.

A group from Tubbercurry were on a trip to Cutigliano in the Tuscany region of Italy from May 8th – 13th.  A Group from Tubbercurry’s Twinning town Viarmes in France  joined with Tubbercurry group. The local Group travelled from Dublin to Pisa & onward then to Cutigliano, Group stayed in a local hotel & host families. Activities while there were, Forest walks, trip to Chianti & visited a winery, trip to cheese making dairy & visited olive oil company. A filled programme was enjoyed by everyone and meeting our French & Italian friends was once again memorable.

2017  Visitors from Viarmes
A group of Veteran Footballers visited  from Friday June 2nd – 5th.  A football match, walks, traditional music session, barbecue was planned with other activities in which they took part. They returned via Dublin after a full filled weekend enjoyed by all.

A group of students from Viarmes visited Tubbercurry from April 5th – 12th.  Host families in the area  very kindly accommodated the students. A full itinerary was planned for the students visiting places of interest in the surrounding area.

Town Twinning – 2016
A small group from Tubbercurry travelled to Cutigliano, Italy 29th Sept. – Oct. 4th to join their twinning friends from Viarmes/Asnieres sur Oise on the invitation of the Mayor of Cutigliano to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their twinning. A busy filled & very enjoyable trip thanks to the courtesy of group in Cutigliano.

Tubbercurry with Viarmes 2015
The French celebrated the 15th Anniversary of Tubbercurry Town Twinning with Viarmes in France from Oct. 15th – 19th. A group of approx. 50 guests arrived to celebrate the occasion. The weather was beautiful so everywhere they visited Galway, Salthill, Strandhill, Knocknarea Hill looked its best. Sunday mornings 11.30 Mass was celebrated in Tubbercurry by Fr. Jennings to honour of the 15th anniversary of the twinning. Anyone interested in joining the Twinning committee contact Derek Sherlock on 087-6393137.

October 16th – 20th incl. 2014 Romauld Mullarkey President of the Tubbercurry Chamber of Commerce along with a group of forty three from Tubbercurry & South Sligo and Italians from Cutigliano on the invitation of the Mayor of Viarmes Mr. William Rouyercame to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the twinning of Viarmes and Tubbercurry. We celebrated at the same time the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War. On Saturday evening the French-Irish show “Celebrating Europe” on the occasion of the renewal of the oath of twinning Viarmes and Tubbercurry was preceded by several speeches on the history of twinning & recalling the contribution of Europe to our communities . After the show, the party continued late into the night …  Sunday morning Mass was celebrated in honour of the 15th anniversary of the twinning of Viarmes and Tubbercurry, but also to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War, with the participation of the veterans association. It was celebrated in French and English, with lots of humor, our new priest, Father Patrick Tchibozo and Tubbercurry priest, Fr Martin Jennings with the participation of Reverend Canon Doris Clements .

It was a full filled trip with walks, concerts, Banquet & lots & lots more..

Article site web de la mairie de viarmes 2014

English version of above article – Twinning Trip to Viarmes Oct. 2014

French Schedule Declaration

Tubbercurry-Viarmes Town Twinning

HISTORY  1997-2017

Dominique Nocture and her twinning committee, approached us in August ’97 with an offer to investigate the possibility of a town twinning between her town Viarmes and Tubbercurry.  Dominique had met Eilish Druet,  a sister of Roger McCarricks from Tubbercurry, who now lives outside Paris.

On the 28th October ‘97 Dominique Nocture and Aude Missenard came and stayed with Teresa O’Gorman on the Station Road,  for 4 days. They met some members of the Chamber, had a meal in the Yeats County and enjoyed their stay.

The Mayor of Viarmes wrote to us 16th October with a description of Viarmes.  Population about 4,500, 35 Kms north of Paris, and despite this proximity it is still a little village surrounded by forests.  He has been the Mayor since 1990.  They are already twinned with a  Swiss-Italian town called Morcote for the last 40 years! All of the children in Morcote know Viarmes and visa versa.

Viarmes boasts active soccer, tennis judo gymnastics, fishing and archery clubs.  In the cultural arena they have theatre, song, dance, dance halls, photo club, stamp club, school of music and a choral society.

They do not have any big factories in Viarmes so most of the workers in industry travel to Paris for work.

Nearby is the L’abbaye de Royaumont from 13th century.   Also the Chateau de Chantilly 14th and the chateau d’Ecouen 15 century.       Beautiful countryside with Vincent Van Goghs tomb is not too far away.


Roger and Patricia McCarrick , Michael and Caitriona Coleman, Derek Sherlock and Pauline Morahan headed off to Viarmes in January 1998.  We drove to Dublin and got  a lunchtime plane to Beauvais. Followed Eilish Druet to Viarmes in a hired Peugeot 306 left hand drive. Had a meal in a local Golf club restaurant: guests of the Mayors office.

Did Paris the next day by train and Metro. Visited the Sacre Coeur and the girls saw a few shops while the lads sampled a couple of pints.    That evening Dominique had us all to a meal in her house. We were then guests of honour at a concert in the local hall. In the chorus was Joseph and Jean Cawleys daughter Teresa living in Chaumontel nearby.  Back to Dominiques house for a sing song.   Sunday morning Mass followed by a tour of the town hall.  Their mayor is more like our County Manager in Sligo. Then we had a tour of the sites in Viarmes: the sports ground, tennis club, local nursing home and schools etc.  They have a beautiful new childrens creche.  That night we had a Chinese meal in the local and at 12.00 someone suggested a tour of Paris by night and we all agreed etc


Friday 29th May ‘98 Mayor Monsieur Desse and his wife Chantel, Guy de Vadable and Dominique arrive in Tubbercurry at the same time as the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern is in Killorans.  The Mayor was impressed that we pulled out all the stops!!  Informal get-together in Nathys.  Saturday morning: tour of NCF, in the afternoon:free time in Sligo  Evening meal in the Yeats County.   Sunday  after mass, buffet in Maeve Walshes with Jackie Coogan on the Piano. Lough Gill trip in the afternoon.    Patricia McCarrick cooked a meal for them that night.   Grand tour of Tubbercurry with Derek on the bank holiday Monday morning.   Father Pat Lynch brought them to the Passage caves in the afternoon.  Traditional night in Gurteen that night .   Visited the local National and Secondary Schools on Tues  morning before their departure.

The aim is to develop a public bond of friendship and goodwill. It involves people of South  Sligo getting to know the people of Viarmes and its environs, getting to know their way of life. It involves getting to know families and people that we would be happy to have our children spend time with as they absorb the culture of a different European country.  Unfortunately or otherwise, depending on your point of view, it is not about tourism or economic development.  If they arrive as a result of twinning then well and good. If they don’t it is not a failure of twinning.

On  9th April 1999   87 ambassadors from Tubbercurry headed to Viarmes  and celebrated the 1st part of the twinning process ie the ceremony to sign the Twinning Charter.
In October 1999 100 French came and stayed in host families in Tubbercurry and celebrated the Irish half of the Town twinning Ceremony. We had 220 people seated in St Brigids Hall for a very successful ceremony.

Since 1999 we have had a number of twinning exchanges. There have been 3 walking group exchanges, with approximately 25 participants on each trip. The Viarmes College of Music with a Mixed Choir and Orchestra of 42 performers came to Tubbercurry and all stayed in host families in 2002. Moylough National School Band visited Viarmes for St Patricks Weekend in 2004 with 68 participants between teachers, parents and pupils.    We have had two youth soccer club exchanges which were very successful. There have also been individual family exchanges and attendances at French and Irish marriages.


In October 2004, 72 Irish travelled to Viarmes to celebrate the 5th Birthday of the Twining with Viarmes. We had a boat trip on the Seine and climbed the Tour Eifel.  Half of the group returned home on the Monday while the rest headed south on a wine tasting trip to Sancerre for 2 days.  A most enjoyable time was had by all.

In April 2005 83 French guests visited Tubbercurry to celebrate Irish style the 5th birthday of the twinning. The theme of the weekend was the integration of people with disability in society. A day was spent visiting Gallagher House and many of the client from Gallagher house joined in the celebrations, Street Parade, Art Exhibition and drama over the weekend.  On the Monday 25 french visitors and 20 Irish travelled to the Aran Islands and Galway City to savour Irish culture.

2006 :
Holy family National school  visit to Viarmes Spring  2006

Walking Group trip to Viarmes April 2006

Castlerock National school trip to Viarmes October 2006

A French School made a return trip Spring 2007.

10th Anniversary of Twinning 

On 7th May 2009,  55 people from Tubbercurry and the surrounding area went over to Viarmes, France to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the twinning between Tubbercurry and Viarmes.

Over the last 10 years there have been some wonderful exchanges between the two towns. There is a walking trip arranged every year with the location alternating between the 2 countries. Most years see at least one primary school exchange between the two towns.

Sport clubs including soccer, tennis and judo have also enjoyed a number of exchanges. One year a whole orchestra from Viarmes visited Tubbercurry and treated the town to some wonderful music.

The group all stayed in host families. Some effort was made to allocate people able to speak some French in host families that have no English and visa versa, but even when there is no common language, communication never seemed to be a problem.

On the Friday half the group went to visit the famous gardens of Claude Monet and  enjoyed a picnic on the banks of the Seine in glorious sunshine. The other half visited Paris taking in the usual sights.

Later that evening Patrick Bailey, President of the Chamber of Commerce in Tubbercurry, along with William Rouyer, Mayor of Viarmes, signed the Twinning Oath between the two towns just before a variety show which included entertainment from Cutigliano in Italy, Viarmes and Tubbercurry. Laura Lundy and Laura Neary provided some beautiful Irish dancing. Kieran Lundy sang a couple of songs from his new CD and then everyone enjoyed a medley of songs from My Fair Lady under the direction of Mary Barry Leonard.

On the Saturday morning they attended an Extraordinary Town Coucil meeting of Viarmes in the Mairie. They discussed the role of Women in Political life and the changes that the European Union had brought to the two towns.  After the discussions the President and the vice president of the Tubbercurry Twinning committee, Michael Coleman and Derek Sherlock were then very surprised and honoured to be conferred with Honorary Citizenship of Viarmes by Mayor William Rouyer.

That evening they attended an organ recital in the Church of St Peter and Paul, a rendition of  ‘O Danny Boy’ was magnificent. A dance in the local hall put the finishing touches on a most enjoyable day.

A special Mass to celebrate the Twinning was celebrated on the Sunday morning and that night they attended a magnificent Gala Banquet in the Abbaye de Royaumont. They left the following morning having shared a wonderful weekend of friendship with our French friends.

They have already invited a delegation from Viarmes to repeat the celebration Irish style of the Twinning in May 2010.

They would like to thank the County Council and the European Commission for their continued support of the  twinning over the years.

2009 Walking trip to Tubbercurry and the Arran Islands

In September 2009 , 20 French people from Viarmes  came to Tubbercurry. They stayed in Yeats County Inn in Curry. They enjoyed walks in Moylough, Lough Talt, Union Wood  and Strandhill before travelling South West with 20 Irish in tow to enjoy a weekend visit to the Aran Islands, The Burren and The Michael Cusack Centre in Carron, County Clare.

October 2010 Tubbercurry welcomed a group of  French people from Viarmes came to celebrate Irish Style the 10th Anniversary of the Twinning.

May 2014 A group of walkers came to Tubbercurry & visited Donegal & the Giants Causeway before returning via Belfast..

You are most welcome to get involved……..contact any of the committee below:

Derek Sherlock……..…071 9185257

Michael Coleman……..mikecole@eircom.net

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